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FAQ: Can I open a wholesale account?

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We strive to give you the very best deals we can! We don’t call our prime discount wholesale, we call it a volume discount. So read on...

You know we sell Bullseye Glass and Bullseye Glass Supplies at a discount every day with no minimums!

When you spend $600 on Bullseye qualifying product*, we offer 40% off the Bullseye Reg. Price AND you get free shipping or half off shipping if your order includes half sheets, 20" x 20" Tekta, 5 lb. Frit jars or oversized molds.

Compare that to Bullseye who offers 30% when you spend $600. 

No wholesale account, reseller paperwork, or Tax ID necessary. 

We understand that Bullseye offers 50% off retail when you spend $1200, but their shipping charges are so high that it will certainly decrease your discount. We also offer free shipping on orders $200 and over, and half off shipping on orders that include half sheets, 20" x 20" Tekta, 5 lb. Frit jars or oversized molds. Therefore, our 40% off, including shipping, is comparable to, or better than Bullseye's 50%.

If your order includes sale items, and the sale prices are over 40% off Bullseye Retail, those items will be excluded from further discounts. 

Your discount will not be given online, but calculated soon after we receive your order and given in the form of a refund.

Don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions!

*There will be a statement on the product’s pages that do not qualify for the discount.

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