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Hang Your Glass Round Stand-Offs

  • $ 20.65
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Round Stand-Offs are ideal for panels and flat glass.

We Carry:

  • 1/2" Diameter, x 5/8" Length, including bracket
  • 5/8" Diameter, x 5/8" Length, including bracket
  • 1" Diameter, 5/8" diameter x 1 1/8" Length, including bracket

Package contains: 4 stand-offs, 4 brackets, screws, and anchors

Ideal for panels and larger artwork

Hang Your Glass recommends that you use the round stand-offs. The round stand-offs are designed to have more than one stand-off holding the piece of glass art to the wall. Typically four stand-offs are used on square panels. For larger panels increase the diameter of the stand-off. See chart for more detailed information.


Generally, anything over 10" X 10" will need more than one stand-off to equally float the glass off the wall. You want to place the stand-offs close enough to the edges that you can get your hand behind the work while installing it. This is a simple and accurate way to hang artwork without measuring.

"No Measuring" Instructions for Hang Your Glass Stand Offs

The Hang Your Glass adhesive is "stronger than the glass". It's a critical component to the effectiveness when hanging your art glass. It sets in 5-10 minutes, good for indoor/outdoor use and lasts over 300 years once it's cured.