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Fritography with a Twist/The Watercolor Effect with Michael Dupille

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Since the late 1980's Michael has worked extensively with glass, having developed and refined a technique for 'painting with glass', using crushed glass in combination kiln fired methods called Fritography.

Michael is recognized as a pioneer in the field of kilnformed glass. In this three-day course, he will briefly review the concepts and methods of Beginning Fritography™ then explore some new techniques and working methods that will bring your work to a whole new level of fun and sophistication. Want mayo and mustard on that? He will show you his process of making a ‘frit sandwich' and all the amazing things you can do with that process. You’ll focus on creating unusual shapes, surface treatments, and firing schedules. You will also be using different frit sizes for amazing effects with single and multiple firings.

Michael has a few new things he'd like to share as well... never a dull moment! Discussions on color theory, imagery, and individual assessments are also part of the course.

Almost forgot to mention the dynamite slideshow!


In this part of the workshop will you discover how to create imagery in glass that has the feel, vitality and expressive qualities of a watercolor.

Michael has been doing watercolors since childhood and integrates a great deal of that knowledge in his kilnformed glass work and workshops.

He has developed this technique as a result of those experiences and as a way to reflect the same feeling as a painted piece. Using glass as your ‘paint' you’ll utilize the properties of the material to express that unique character; color, depth, transparency. Minimal use of dichro will add spice and interest to the pieces as well. There are some interesting ways of implementing and altering it.

Learn about color combinations, how to use colors (and frit) effectively as well as multiple firing schedules. This is a great opportunity to pick up a lot of good general technical knowledge from one of the top teachers and innovators in the industry.

Michael has a personable, informative style of teaching and will gladly address issues and questions regarding the direction of your work or technical problems.

Here's an opportunity to spend some quality time with one of the industry's top pioneers and innovators.

All materials and tools will be provided. 

Class is limited to 10 students

Dates: April 27-29, 2018, 10am - 5pm

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this class, please email us or call 732-384-7504

My primary medium is kiln-formed glass. Large-scale pieces are created as murals or individual elements using fused crushed glass. This is a technique I developed in the 1980’s as one of the pioneers of the kiln formed glass movement.

The process of creating and innovation go hand in hand. Often the desire to produce a work leads to a new technique or process. My aesthetic is driven by circumstances of life and the moments that hold our thought and give rise to inspiration. My imagery is representational with imaginative twists to embellish the narrative. I call my approach ‘soft surrealism’, which requires a second look and brings positive reactions. Humor and whimsy are also viable tools to evoke a positive response. Sometimes a title creates the smile and other times it is the execution of the idea. I target concepts which create areas of visual delight in my public and personal art. I feel obligated to reflect the environment, either physical or cultural, as part of that. I visually listen and respond to what I hear in designing my work. I am blessed with a fertile imagination and the technical abilities to self-actualize my ideas.

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