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Magical Metals and Shimmering Coral Seas with Nikki O’Neill

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Explore visual imagery with precious metals, compounds, and reactive glass!

Reactions between glasses as they are melting and fused together are incredibly varied and exciting.  In this 5-day workshop, learn exciting new ways and the possibilities for using precious metals, reactive glass, and metallic elements while visually enhancing sea forms made from glass and powder. In this class you will and gain a thorough understanding about metals and the glasses that support reactivity. Creating samples and test experiments are key, acting as visual aids for you to use in your own studio.  They will provide a guide for your creative adventures in making your work. Materials will include leaf, wire, powder, stringer, sheet, iridized, dichroic, and liquid forms of gold, sulfur, silver, brass, iron, copper, and mica.    In addition to samples, you will create sculptural art forms that reference coral sea creatures and ancient underwater habitats.  Some of the forms will include glass powder clay sponges, tiny shimmering coral drop out polyps, textured fan coral, stringer rod sea anemones, silvered sand dollars and brittle stars, diatoms, mica ribbon seaweed, and a primordial sea bed.

All materials and tools will be provided.

Dates: April 17-21, 2020, 10am - 5/6pm

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this class, please email us or call 732-384-7504


I have been a passionate naturalist since childhood, exploring forests, meadows, and mountain streams around the world. By the late 1970’s, with a PhD in the biological sciences, and a job as a research scientist, I sought new outlets that combined my interest in art and science. After several years of study in general studio arts, my attention turned to glass. I was captivated by the way light travels through glass and the possibilities for discovering the art and science in nature. I am currently developing a new series inspired by the evolution, diversity, and origin of life.