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Pâte de Verre: The Glass Skin with Alicia Lomné

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**March 14-18, 2019** 

The Workshop is full! Email or call to be placed on the waiting list!

Pâte de Verre has been widely interpreted by many different artists. In this class, you will learn â to build your own model and pour an open-faced mold to create thin-walled glass forms. Using frit and powder you will learn several different methods of exact color placement, as well as other fun patterning techniques. We will have in class discussions covering firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific goals. We will do projects utilizing three different types of firing schedules so you will have a broad base of knowledge to take home.

Handouts will be provided of basic notes and all firing schedules used in class. By the end of class, you should feel confident in pouring a mold, packing it with glass, and firing it on your own. Pâte de Verre is a process which encourages patients but also lends its self to experimentation and unusual self-expression. Expect to work hard and have fun.

No Prior Experience Necessary!

March 14-18, 2019
10 AM - 5 PM (or later)

Total Cost: $995

50% deposit holds your spot! You will be invoiced for the balance 30 days befor the workshop.

Alicia Lomné works with the glass kiln casting technique of Pâte de Verre. Literally translated from French it means "paste of glass". The process includes creating a model, making a mold, placing thin layers of powdered or frit within the mold, and then firing the piece in a kiln. Alicia works primarily with open-faced molds and is most compelled by the exact color placement and sculptural possibilities that Pâte de Verre offers.