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Sculpting with Modeling Glass™

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**July 26-28, 2019**

Traditional techniques of working with frit and powdered glass to create three-dimensional objects tend to be labor-intensive, as with pate de verre. Over the past five years, visiting artist Lois Manno has focused her creative energy toward developing a different way to work with powders and frit; one that opens up an entirely new world of creativity.

By combining powdered glass with a dry binder, water, and a liquid medium,
she has developed a system that turns messy powder into a manageable
material with the consistency of clay.

Lois will teach her method of mixing Modeling Glass, and step-by-step 

students will learn how to use the material to make their own realistic three-dimensional glass. Her work has received a great deal of attention in the glass community, and this is the first year she will be sharing this technique. Students will also be introduced to other ways of working with Modeling Glass. Lois has just scratched the surface of what this material is capable of!

Space is limited.

July 26-28, 2019
10 AM - 5ish PM

Total Cost: $695

50% deposit holds your spot! You will be invoiced for the balance 30 days before the workshop.

Lois studied drawing and painting in college and has been a professional artist for over thirty years. After taking several Bullseye workshops to learn how to fuse, work with frit, exploit reactions, and cold-work glass, she began experimenting with powders and frit in her own way. After several years of research, Lois developed a new product called Modeling Glass, a binder and liquid medium that transforms powdered glass into a substance that can be shaped and molded similarly to clay. Her signature glass feathers and other work are made using Modeling Glass combined with other techniques.

Lois shows her glass art at Weisser Glass Gallery and the Nature Store at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. In 2018 she began teaching other artists how to work with Modeling Glass in sold-out workshops across the country and in Canada. More information can be found