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Valid January 9-13, 2018

Put any two (2) 1/8 sheets available in your cart and we will refund the cost of one 1/8 sheet of equal or lesser value!

Put Three (3) 5" x 10" 3mm glass Or three (3) 5" x 7" 2mm glass listed below in your cart and we will refund one of equal or lesser value.      *Must buy 3 of the same size*​


5" x 10" 3mm 5" x 7" 2mm
Opaque White Opal (013) 2mm Opaque White Opal (013) 2mm
Dense White Opal (313) 3mm Deep Red Opal (224) 2mm
Warm White Opal (920) 3mm Burnt Orange Opal (329) 2mm
French Vanilla Opal (137) 3mm Light Peach Cream Opal (034) 2mm
Canary Yellow Opal (120) 3mm Neo-Lavender Opal (142) 2mm
Petal Pink Opal (421) 3mm Umber Opal (310) 2mm
Emerald Green Transparent (1417) 3mm Black Opal (100) 2mm
Deep Copper Blue, White (70407A) 3mm Black Reed Opal (100-53) 2mm
Deco Gray with Blue Black Murmuration (70508A) 3mm Crystal Clear Transparent (1401) 2mm
Dark Green, Jade Green Frit, Dark Green Streamers Mardi Gras (4217) 3mm Light Plum Transparent (1405) 2mm
Black Opal (100) 3mm Light Violet Transparent (1428) 2mm
Clear, Deep Cobalt Blue Opal Streaky (2047) 3mm Aventurine Green Transparent (1112) 2mm
Red Opal, White Streaky (2124) 3mm Kelly Green Transparent (1145) 2mm
Medium Amber, White Streaky (2137) 3mm Oregon Gray Transparent (1449) 2mm
Clear Transparent Reed Irid (1101-44) 3mm Pimento Red Opal (225) 2mm
Salmon Opal (306) 3mm Mineral Green Opal (117) 2mm
Ruby Pink Sapphirine Transparent (1341) 3mm Spring Green Opal (126) 2mm
Variegated Pink Opalescent (361) 3mm Butterscotch Opal (337) 2mm
Powder Blue Opal (108) 3mm Deco Gray Opal (136) 2mm
Juniper Blue Tint Transparent (1806) 3mm Red Transparent (1122) 2mm

 Aventurine Blue Transparent Irid (1140-31) 3mm

Orange Transparent (1125) 2mm
Light Cyan Opal (216) 3mm Deep Plum Transparent (1105) 2mm
Turquoise Blue Transparent (1116) 3mm Dark Rose Brown Transparent (1109) 2mm
Lacy White Opal (143) 3mm
Reactive Ice Transparent (1009) 3mm
White Medieval Green Infusion (70508B) 3mm
White, Deep Royal Purple Cascade (70109B) 3mm
Erbium Tint, White Streaky Ombre (60525A) 3mm
Pale Blue with White and Steel Blue Opal Graffiti (70531A) 3mm
Green Tint, Caribbean Blue, Opaque White Cascade (70215A) 3mm
White, Orange Opal Streaky (2123) 3mm
Red Transparent (1122) 3mm

Aqua Blue Tint, White Streaky (2218) 3mm

Azure Blue Opal, Jade Green Opal, Neo-Lavender Streaky (3045) 3mm
Aventurine Blue, Clear Streaky Irid (2140-31) 3mm
Cranberry Pink, Gold Purple, White Streaky (3334) 3mm
Gray Tint Transparent (1829) 3mm
Jade Green Opal (145) 3mm
Light Plum Transparent (1405) 3mm
Dusty Lilac Opal (303) 3mm

Red Amber Tint Transparent (1857) 3mm

Deep Red Opal (224) 3mm
Orange Transparent Green-Gold Irid (1125-39) 3mm
Light Orange Transparent (1025) 3mm

Orange Opal (125) 3mm

Marigold Yellow Opal (320) 3mm
Sunflower Yellow Opal (220) 3mm
Aventurine Green Transparent Irid (1112-31) 3mm