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Big Skull Mold

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Create edgy or classic pieces with the Big Skull design. Fill the design with frit, cut up 6mm sheet glass, or, for perfectly clear castings, billet chunks. Produce a beautiful piece in only one firing, or, in a second firing, laminate a piece of dichroic sheet glass to the casting’s back to produce pieces with an almost electric glow.

Mold size: 6.5” x 5” x 2”
Casting: 4.5” long

Fill weights: 300 grams

We either use Zyp or our Kiln Wash Sprayer to coat our texture and casting molds. We never use a brush! Use our Spray Shelter to prevent overspray when coating your molds.

Clean your molds with our Mold Cleaning Brush!

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Don't fuss with a brush! You end up with marks and puddling and it'll take AGES to dry. Use our Kiln Wash Sprayer and Spray Shelter to spray your kiln wash on your molds. Easy, fast and dries so quickly!

How to clean your slumping and casting molds: