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Color Line Basic Set

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From Creative Glass - revolutionary ready-to-go enamels for glass or ceramics in a range of intense colors. Create permanent imagery whether painting or airbrushing.

All colors are lead-free, and can be mixed to obtain further shades. Homogenous and smooth in an environmentally friendly water-based medium. Squeeze bottle containers allow you to get exactly the required amount and reduce waste.

The Basic Set contains eighteen 2.2 oz. Color Line bottles, a tip set of 3 tips, and an empty bottle for mixing.

Colors in the set include: Aquamarine, Green, Royal Blue, Blue, Egyptian Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Yellow, Lemon, Black, Brown, Maroon, Sienna, Mustard, Orange, Carmine, Coral, Lilac, and White.

See individual choices for additional colors.


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