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Full Set of MultiPen Liquid Enamel Glass Paint

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Full set of all 18 available colors.

We love these pens! The tip allows you to make precise lines, shapes, and dots. Dries quickly. Can be mixed, carved, and dried for use as powder. The higher the heat, the more intense the color. Completely different experience than some of the other paints on the market. This is one of our favorites!

Liquid Enamel Pens for use on glass, ceramic, and metal.

  • Economical! 2 oz
  • Easy to use
  • Works on Glass, Ceramic or Copper
  • Fires between 1400-1550 ºF (750-850 ºC)
  • Lead-Free, Non-Toxic, Dinnerware safe
  • Dishwasher-sare
  • Colors can be mixed
  • Shake well before use

    Also available: Empty bottles for paint mixing.


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