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Glass Handling Fee-The Glass Underground

Glass Handling Fee

  • $ 8.50

Please add ONE Glass Handling Fee for EVERY 8 1/2 or 20" x 20" sheets of glass in your order. There is no fee for 1/4, 10" x 10", 5" x10" or 5" x 7" sheets.

For example:

Up to 8 sheets = 1 Glass Handling Fee

9-12 sheets = 2 Glass Handling Fees

13-18 sheets = 3 Glass Handling Fees.

Thank you!

In order for you to receive your glass in tip-top shape, with no breaks or cracks, we must first carefully wrap each sheet in a foam material. Then each bundle is wrapped in cardboard. The whole bundle is taped together to form a sort of box within a box. We then have to line the bottom, top and sides of the box with thick padding. This all takes a lot of time and we use an incredible amount of material. Your fee only covers a portion of the cost.

We will bill you through PayPal if your handling fee has not been included.

***Glass Handling Fee is NOT included when calculating free shipping for orders $200 and over***