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Hang Your Glass Adhesive

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For glass, metal, and glazed ceramics. Specially formulated for Hang Your Glass Stand Offs.

The strongest adhesive available to glass artists. Tested & approved with all Hang Your Glass hardware. Great for Jewelry too!

Min. 25/50 applications on 1/2" diameter.

Includes: 2 or 4 gram activator w/dropper and 2 oz adhesive.

Clean glass and metal with 100% acetone, which can be purchased from your local hardware store

Full cure 24-72 hours. When applied correctly the adhesive is "stronger than the glass."  

Requirements and Features:

  • For flat surfaces with gaps less than .5mm
  • Surface area 1/2" or greater for best results
  • A 5-10 minute set time
  • Great for jewelry
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use

Small - Good for minimum 25 uses
Large - Good for minimum 50 uses


  1. Clean both the metal and the glass with 100% acetone. NO SUBSTITUTES.
  2. Use the eye dropper to apply the ACTIVATOR on both of the surfaces to be bonded. Activator will form a thin wet film in about 3-5 minutes. Do not touch Activator. Always put poly-seal cap back on after use or the Activator will evaporate. Place eye dropper in a clean Zip-Lock.
  3. Apply ADHESIVE to the stand-off. When the stand-off is placed on the glass the adhesive should spread out and cover the entire surface area. Adhesive will set in 5-10 minutes and cure in 48-72 hours. Clean up excess adhesive around stand-off with acetone.

These are downloadable PDF files for you to save and print out as needed!

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