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Mini Eye-Shaped Bowl with Fluted Rim (120E)

  • $ 16.65
  • Save $ 4.14

"Eye" shaped bowl. Uneven border with tiny fluted detail. 5.5" dia x 1.2" deep.

  • Cutouts on the skirt of the mold allow for increased air flow and make it easier to place the mold into and remove it from the kiln.
  • Each mold has an interior foot or foot ring for stability and a more finished look to the final piece.
  • Ventilation holes are pre-cast in to reduce stress in the clay after it's been fired and positioned for optimal slumping results.
  • Wide rims on the top allow for accurate placement of your glass, more even slumping and correct proportions in your finished piece.

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How to clean your slumping and casting molds:

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