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Summer: Green and Yellow on Lacy White (4012) 3mm-1/2 Sheet-The Glass Underground

Summer: Green and Yellow on Lacy White (4012) 3mm

Collage, Our Samples are larger than Bullseye’s in order to give you a better sense of the color. Keep several on hand to create color palettes and test transparent layers. Strikers will come pre-fired so you can see the fully developed color.

Samples available in 3mm Opal, Transparent, Textures, Collage, Streaky and Irid, plus 2mm Transparent, Textures, Opal and Irid.

Sheet sizes are:

10" x 10"

5" x 10"

5” x 10”s are perfect for testing colors before you commit to buying a larger piece, or if you just need a small piece.

Please note, 5" x 10" pieces may vary in size.

Bullseye Price Code E


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