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Understanding Color and Design Principles with Richard Parrish

Learn to understand the essential visual elements of design and color, how they can be used, and their role in developing and enriching your artistic vision in this new workshop!

This class will study the fundamental principles of design and color that are common to all forms of art, design, architecture, and craft. It focuses on the primary elements of two- and three-dimensional design, principles for ordering these elements, and transformation of the elements into a rich composition. These include symmetry and asymmetry, balance, hierarchy, rhythm and repetition, transformation, proportion, scale, and more. 

Color is an essential element of art and design. We will look at the elements of color, color relationships, color and meaning, color interactions, and the development of color palettes. The intent is to increase our understanding of color and how we can use as part of the design of our glass work to enhance the content and increase the beauty of finished pieces.

Design principles will be explored through various drawing and painting media, relying primarily on a black and white palette. Color will then be added into the mix, making numerous samples with Bullseye glass products. These can be used as reference material in your studio and can be expanded over time.  We will also do a series of exercises developing color palettes and exploring the application of color principles.  

A final project will be a comprehensive expression of the principles of design and color, utilizing the knowledge that you have gained in this class. 

March 21 - 25, 2025


All glass and materials are included in this class. Either bring lunch, or we will order out and pick up for you! 

There will also be a dinner hosted by Meryl Raiffe, filled with fun and games!

There are 4 rooms available for rent at Meryl’s house! If you are interested, please let us know in the comment field at check out.

If you'd like more information before registering for this class online, feel free to call us at 732-384-7504


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