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Vitrigel Medium

  • $19.35

Powder for making your own Squirt Glass medium. You can mix Vitrigel with powdered glass and frit. Use with squeeze bottles or pastry applicators to create lines, or tool it to create custom textures, unusual shapes, and sculptural elements to fire on their own or add to other kiln-formed works.

One full pound makes up to 30 quarts, depending on your desired consistency.

Available in quantities that make at a minimum:
10 quarts (1/2 lb powder)

5 quarts (1/4 lb powder)

Not sure, but want to test this product? Get the 1-quart sample size!

Once mixed, as long as it's in an airtight container, it can last for a while.

For techniques and projects using Vitrigel, we suggest Michael Dupille's When The Frit Hits The Fan DVD Set!


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