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When the Frit Hits The Fan DVD Set-The Glass Underground

When the Frit Hits The Fan DVD Set

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When the Frit Hits The Fan: Creative Techniques for Frit Fanatics with Michael Dupille.

Next best thing to taking a live workshop with Michael! 

Embark on a creative journey with acclaimed glass artist Michael Dupille. You will discover his latest techniques using frit in dynamic new ways. He covers various processes in thorough, easy to understand language and video demonstrations.

This 2-disc program covers 3 different projects:
 • Working with organic shapes
 • Scratch ‘N’ Frit
 • Frit Sticks, Fritzels, and other Parts

Also, learn simple casting using dams.

Complete with Firing Schedules and other Tech Tips!

2-disc set

The techniques in this video require Vitrigel, which we carry!


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