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Perfect Maxi Lap

Perfect Maxi Lap

  • $1,000.00
  • Save $75.00

The 8” and 10” lap feature one aluminum head with a steel disc attached. The steel disc allows this unit to accept magnetic backed diamond accessories. The glass unit features a four step system of 1 each 100g nickel bond, 270g nickel bond, 325g resin bond, 600g nickel bond (shipped separately), and synthetic felt discs.


  • No Arbor Hole
  • Water Supply Feed Through Overhead Feed
  • Drain Kit
  • Pump and Tubing
  • Portability
  • Cast Aluminum Body
  • Carrying Handle
A Flat Fee of $200 will be added to all Glass Equipment from Covington.

All Equipment must be ordered separately.

Please allow an additional 12-16 weeks for shipping.

All Equipment will be shipped from the Covington Warehouse in Idaho.


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