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Open Studio

Open Studio is available to those of you who qualify with either prior fusing experience, have completed an Intro to Glass Fusing workshop, or 20 hours of private instruction at The Glass Underground. Artists must be able to work independently, however, a tech will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. 

  • Artists who qualify will have full use of all tools, equipment, molds, and kilns. In order to get personal storage space, students must attend Open Studio at least once a month. If your materials/work have been in the studio for more than two months, we will send you a notification. If we do not get a response, your stored items will be discarded.

The studio has a separate, ventilated room for working with powders and plaster. The main workroom has ample space to spread out and work comfortably. We offer an extensive ceramic and stainless steel mold collection and a book lending library.

Contact us first if you have any concerns or questions about your qualifications for working in our studio.

Studio Equipment

Cold Shop

1 - Apollo Ring Saw 
2 - 18" Diamond Flat Laps 
3 - 24" Diamond Flat Laps
1 - Sommer & Maca Belt Sander
1 - 30” Reciprolap
4 - Grinders
2 - Cork/Felt Combo Polisher
1 - Rim Cutter 
1 - Spatzier Lathe
2 - 10" MK 101 Tile Saws
1 - 14" Husqvarna Tile Saw
1 - Foredom Drill
1 - Angle Grinder
2 - Sandblasters
1 - Covington Professional Lathe
1 - Drillpress

2 - WAZER Water-Jet Machines


1 - Olympic GF15
4 - Olympic Vitrigraph 
4 - Olympic GF5
1 - Custom Olympic
3 - Olympic GF3
3 - Olympic GF2
2 - Olympic 146GFE
1 - Olympic GFR2920


Open Studio Rates

Open Studio hours are available 5 days a week, unless workshops are in session.

  • Open Studio: $16.50 per hour with a one-hour minimum
  • Kiln Rental: $13 per kiln*
  • Slumping Charge: $16 per kiln
  • Additional Mold Charge: $5 per mold
  • Coldworking: $25 per hour with a one-hour minimum

Charges include the use of tools and equipment. Disposable accessories are extra. 
*Does not apply to GF15 or Large Custom Kiln. Fees are higher.


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