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Workshop & Studio Raves & Reviews

We've been getting such fantastic reviews for our studio and workshops, we figured we'd put some of them all in one spot! 

If you've taken a class at The Glass Underground and would like to leave a review, please do so here.

From Visiting Artists:

Tony Serviente:

I have taught kiln working at the Corning Museum of Glass, the Pittsburgh Glass Center and elsewhere. The Glass Underground has facilities easily on a par with those esteemed venues. While teaching there I was continually impressed with the breadth and width of Meryl's facilities. She provided support to the students and me that made the teaching and learning a fulfilling experience. She runs a studio that offers the beginner as well as an experienced kiln worker the opportunity get virtually any supplies they need, as well as to further their warm glass education. On top of all that, Meryl and her staff are friendly and fun to be around.

Ian Chadwick:       

When Meryl, owner of The Glass Underground, first approached me to teach at her studio, I immediately said yes. As a British glass artist, the reputation of the Glass Underground as one of the best private studios in North America was widely acknowledged within the UK glass community. 
The Glass Underground is truly a suberb glass studio. The workspace is large and bright. The facilities provided in The Glass Underground are extensive. The cold-working area contains everything needed to tackle even the most ambitious projects and the kiln room is equally endowed. 
Meryl and her team are great people whose wealth of knowledge and experience can support their customers and visiting artists in whatever project or technique they are involved in. 
I have attended The Glass Underground many times since my initial visit and everytime is welcoming and successful. Meryl is the best, and I now think of her as my US family and greatly look forward to my next visit. 

From Customers & Students

I love your store. I order frequently and products arrive quickly. Best customer service. - Julie W.

Visited for first time yesterday
and it was such a wonderful experience! Meryl gave me some great tips and showed me such an easier way to cut circles!! Even the customers there for open studio were super friendly and let me see their projects. Will be back and look forward to fall intensives!! -Karen O.

Shopping at The Glass Underground is always a great experience. Virginia B.
Always great shopping here. Best shipping prices and free shipping is available. Diane C.

I want to let you know what an awesome class ( You'll Love Glass!you taught last weekend. I learned so much you can't get on a YouTube video. You and your staff were so open with sharing techniques and I thank you for that. Erin W.
This class (You'll Love Glass!) was great! Meryl is a wonderful teacher; she is so knowledgeable and skilled at the art of glass fusing. The overall experience was fantastic and I learned so much! The studio literally has everything and was so conducive to learning. The staff is supportive, super friendly and willing to help. Loved it! Amy K.
I just came from 5 amazing days of the Intermediate Fusing Intensive at The Glass Underground. I can’t say enough great things about the experience, knowledge, creativity, and patience of Meryl and her team. The glass studio has anything and everything you can ever need or want to produce beautiful glass projects. I will be back...again and again. -Heidi B.
The Glass Underground was one of the most enjoyable times for me. Meryl was just a fabulous teacher who became a new friend. I made the most beautiful glass pieces, some are on my window sills & my dish is on the table. I loved every minute, a fabulous experience.!!!!!! -Marion L.
Greatly enjoyed the Introduction to Glass Fusing class. Learned many ways of working with glass and came home with the art created in class. The equipment and facilities were excellent. Meryl is a very capable and patient teacher. -Al
I recently participated in Alyssa Oxley's Kilnformed Box Class. I was amazed to find a very comprehensive studio, equipped with enough work stations, machinery and space to accommodate everyone without crowding. Meryl thought of everything you could possibly need, and it was at your fingertips. You were not limited to a small sampling of glass and there was no skimping on materials. The instruction was first-rate. Alyssa was patient, knowledgeable, experienced and had a good sense of humor. I would not hesitate to attend another class here in the future--I look forward to it. Thank you, Meryl, for the thoughtful creation of the studio and the ability to conduct such comprehensive classes. -Richard K.
I highly recommend this class. Marty Kremer (and, of course, Meryl) did a wonderful job explaining easy strip-cutting procedures, project set-up and coldworking techniques. Bowl-O-Rama was three days well spent! -Kathy M.
I traveled to NJ from Massachusetts to take this class. It was my first time at The Glass Underground for the Intermediate Fusing Intensive. I was immediately blown away by what they had there. I had read good things about the studio but I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Walking into a place that was virtually unknown to me, I saw that this was really the best studio I had ever been in. I've taken lots of classes all over, but there is no place that has as MUCH! There's ample space, there's a ton of kilns, the cold working equipment is excellent and extensive, so many tools and THINGS, an incredible amount of molds, etc. I could go on. So impressive. Unbelievable! Oh yeah, and the class was GREAT! -Dan 
I came to Paul Messink's Creating Dimension Workshop for three very specific reasons. One was to learn about enamels and how to use them in thick pieces to create depth. My second goal was to become more familiar with and astute in firing schedules and minimizing bubbles in thick pieces. And my final goal was to become inspired again after a many month break from working with glass. Every goal was met and more due to Paul's respectful, patient and supportive approach, the vast amount of hard-earned knowledge that he willingly shared, and the great learning environment that clearly showed thoughtfulness, preparation, and follow-through on Meryl's part. -Kevin K.
I took the Intro to Fusing Class and can not say enough good things about the class, the staff, and the studio. Meryl was a wonderful teacher, answering everyone's questions and making everyone in the class feel welcome and accomplished no matter what level we were. -Debi W.
I took a private lesson with Meryl, just her, me and the dog. I think Meryl is an extraordinary teacher. Because of her attention to detail, she catches small mistakes that will ultimately impact the quality of the finished piece. Her generosity and flexibility allow a student to experiment. In addition to being a marvelous instructor, she is funny and smart and a joy to be around. - Rochelle Z.
I have done a lot of stained glass over the years, but this Intro to Glass Fusing Workshop is OVER THE TOP for enjoyment. I will see you guys in Dec. for more! -Harrison "Fuzzy" P.
Paul Messink is an inspirational instructor as well as an exceptional artist. What an honor to have met him. I look forward to using his techniques in future work. Meryl's studio is like no other and her personality is as big as her passion for glass. What a wonderful workshop. -Lori Y.
As a new glass fuser, I was apprehensive about signing up for a class that I felt was "over my head". Stepping into the brand new Glass Underground studio was truly a "spiritual" experience. From the art displayed in the glass gallery to every imaginable supply, tool, kiln, or machines: it was all there! Meryl's professional touch was evident in everything I saw: the cold working room, the sandblasting area, the glass products, just everything. Even our workstations which held a toolbox filled with needed supplies for the workshop and on either side of our table were cubbies with gluing and cleaning supplies for our use. Every detail was addressed to ensure our success in completing the projects and of course, Meryl was always on hand if the need arose. Matthew Day Perez is a delightful, knowledgeable, and capable artist who taught us how to texture glass and to explore various techniques: breaking and mending, wedging, refractory mash up, Napoleon Dynamite, to name a few. I never thought I could learn the process of silvering but with Matthew's guidance, I was able to produce some really fine sample tiles and a project to remember the workshop. I would definitely recommend coming to the Glass Underground to learn to work with glass. Glass fusing is fun and easy to learn. Once your family and friends see your work, don't be surprised if they ask for a vase or dish!!!! " -Betty W.
The Glass Underground is a glass fusers wonderland!
The classroom space, light, and workstations are very well appointed and an artist can create pieces with ease. The studio is full of beautiful Bullseye Glass, hand tools, power tools, multiple kilns, endless accent components, the latest molds and castings boundless glass Frits standard and custom made. All are at your fingertips. Upon entering the studio Meryl's one of a kind spectacular glass creations will inspire all. She alone is a remarkable artist and her staff is well chosen. Keep an eye out for her upcoming workshops because she attracts the very best. The workshop Creating Dimensions with Paul Messink was a spectacular learning experience! -Lori Y.
(Intermediate Fusing Intensive) Another outstanding learning experience! Meryl’s enthusiasm and knowledge of fused glass is seemingly boundless, and she is a great teacher. And the facilities are exceptional. I highly recommend this class! -Beth G.  
Glass underground is awesome to deal with. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Love u guys -Debbie G. 
Had one question before I completed by order and Eric gave me the answer in no time flat! Always a pleasure to shop the underground. -Beverly G.
Easy breezy and great price good quality! - Linda L.
I just received my order. Your shipping is super fast considering you’re not even open on Monday. Your packing skills are beyond compare ! I’m so glad you don’t use packing peanuts. I give away the little critters at shows , the big styrofoam blocks are turned into graveyard headstones for Halloween & the embossed brown paper goes in the garden. I can’t wait to use the little stars ✨ - Chrisell V.
So much fun! You can't make a bad project. Glass is a wonderful medium, and Meryl is an excellent teacher. - Faye S.
Great product from a great company. Fantastic shipping! - H.J. R.
Kristin at Glass Underground Customer Service was exceptionally helpful and the Caribbean blue glass is GORGEOUS. I'm very happy! - Mary J.
Always great service at The Glass Underground! - Peggy O.
As always, great items, great price, great customer service. Thank you. - Amy B.
Easy to find items with the search and filters, great sale!!!, large selection! - Daniella F.

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