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12” Variable Speed Tabletop Flat Lap

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This new 12-inch tabletop lap grinder is a small, portable grinder option that accepts any 12-inch diamond disk with magnetic backing.

The 1/4-inch centering pin makes it fast and easy to center your disks on the grinder for smooth running operation and the Loc-Line water manifold is easy to connect your water source with a simple 1/4-inch push-to-connect adaptor. 

Rougher grit electroplated disks will have a thicker amount of nickel on them and can cause vibration in the grinder at higher RPMs. Be aware that rougher grits may have to be run at a lower RPM to reduce vibration due to the varying thickness of nickel.

  • 1/3HP motor- 110V/60Hz
  • Variable speed from 0–2000 RPM
  • Solid hardened steel plate
  • Pre-attached drain line
  • Aluminum water manifold with 1/4-inch push-to-connect
  • Discs are sold separately

Shipping: This item does not qualify for free shipping and ships directly from the manufacturer in Idaho. Shipping will be billed separately.


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