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Frit Mix Sample Set

  • $ 10.95

Try our exclusive Frit Mixes, created right here in our Northern New Jersey Studio!

One day, Meryl Raiffe (owner and artist-in-residence here at The Glass Underground) was inspired by some patterns she saw and went to work replicating them and came up with her first frit mix!

And since her first one, she's developed nine more! Here's your chance to get a selection of one or five ounce samples at a special price. 

Frit Mixes Included:

  • Periwinkle Plum
  • Orange Speckle
  • Brown Quartz
  • Goldstone
  • Girly Granite

Meryl's always coming up with more, so don't forget to come back & check out what's new!

Available in two sizes: Five 1-oz samples (5 oz. total) or Five 5-oz samples (approximately 1.5 lbs total).