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Need a little more kiln space for some of those larger creations? Since this kiln fits a 22" square shelf, you can fire a 6mm, 21" square or 4, 10" squares all at the same time! 

Questions? You can always call us for help with kiln selection! We're happy to assist.

Models - GF3E/GF3ETLC/GF314ETLC  240 volt

Inside dimensions for GF3E and GF3ETLC is 25" x 25" wide x 9" deep. The GF314ETLC is 25" x 25" wide x 13 ½" deep.

Fires to 1700° F

RTC 1000 12 key controller - STANDARD!

The GF3E model is a top loading kiln only. The GF3ETLC/GF314ETLC gives you the option of using your kiln as a top loader or a clamshell. Easily fits a 20" shelf.

The GF3E's square design expands the firing space provided by traditional cylindrical glass kilns. These models have elements in the lid of the kiln to provide radiant heat needed when fusing temperature is reached and elements in the kiln walls for conductive heat. Elements in the firing chamber are used to evenly heat the glass piece and the lid element is used when fusing temperature is reached. Models have a maximum temperature range of 1700°F to protect the optional quartz glass viewing window but can be reprogrammed to fire to higher temperatures. Top loading glass fusing kilns come in cylindrical and square styles and have the option of top loading, clamshell loading or top and clamshell loading. Glass kiln models 20” wide or larger are equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid; however, smaller width kilns have the option of adding a lid lift if needed.

These 240 volt glass fusing kilns come equipped with a tall 18” metal stand or frame, stainless steel jacket, and RTC 1000 12 Key electronic controller. Included in the kiln package are peephole plugs, lid wedge, instruction manuals and warranty card. Two-year Kiln Limited Warranty.


These kilns are $150 Flat Rate Shipping. KILN ORDERS MUST BE PLACED SEPARATELY and cannot be combined with any other product. If you do not add this charge we will add it to your invoice. 

**This shipping rate excludes orders outside the United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. If ordering outside the US please call for shipping rates.

Auto Lid Shut-Off, Bead Door, Flash Arm, Lid Element in Quatrz Rods, CE Wiring, Quartz Glass Viewing Windows, Vent Master, and Computer Interface KISS Starter Kits. Call for prices.

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