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Gum Arabic

Use powdered Gum Arabic mixed with water for painting, texturizing your glass, or pâte de verre, as per Alicia Lomne!

1 oz. powder

For Pate de Verre:

Total ratio is 1 part gum arabic to 2 parts boiling water. Add the powdered gum arabic to 1/2 the water, stirring vigorously, to make sure there are no lumps. Continue adding the rest of the boiling water to the mixture while stirring to dissolve the gum arabic completely. It may take up to an hour for the mixture to properly blend.

For Painting:

Let’s say your ingredients are 50 grams of Reusche tracing black, 10 grams of Reusche tracing brown, a half-teaspoonful of gum Arabic and four half-teaspoonfuls of water. Mix well by using a palette knife to grind the powder. Let sit overnight for perfection!



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