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Kiln Wash Sprayer

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SPRAY your kiln wash on your slumping or casting molds instead of using a haik brush! You will never have drips, runs or brush stroke marks. You will never lose detail in your casting molds. A perfectly even thin coating that will last much longer than using a brush! Goes on fast and dries quickly. This plug-in is more economical than a compressor-based sprayer. Such a gem!

Use with our Spray Shelter to contain the spray.

Less is more! Spray an even coat by covering the surface with one pass, turn 180 degrees and make one more pass. Don’t overspray. Thick kiln wash will have more texture and after a few uses, will tend to chip off. The thinner the better. When you are spraying molds with bends or detail, make four passes by turning the mold 90 degrees to cover the whole surface. Watch the video!


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