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Light Cyan Opal (216) 2mm-1/2 Sheet-The Glass Underground

Light Cyan Opal (216-50) 2mm

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Copper bearing glass that reacts to sulfur bearing glasses, Reactive Cloud (009), Reactive Red (1019) and Reactive Ice (1009). At full fuse, capped or uncapped, the mottling disappears and the color is consistent, even and pure. At slumping temperatures and low-tack fusing temperatures (1150-1325°F/621-718°C), gray clouding may occur, similar to Steel Blue Opalescent (000146), especially where contamination from oils and/or cleaner is left behind during the cleaning process. Solution: cap this color with clear or test for each specific application. The clouding can be erased from an uncapped piece by capping with clear glass and firing to a full fuse.

Sheet sizes are:

1/2 Sheet - 20" x 17"

1/4 Sheet - 10" x 17"

10" x 10"

5" x 10" 

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