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Maple Leaf - Water Jet Cut

Maple Leaf - Water Jet Cut

  • $4.10

There is nothing like a Northeastern Autumn to get you into a nice cozy, warm, snuggle up by the fire mood! Make some s'mores on a platter adorned with our Maple Leaves!

All transparent colors (1122,1125,1320, 1107) and 2125 will be paired with a 1409 stem. All opaque colors (024, 212, 321, 329) and 2124 will be paired with a 203 stem. Clear maple leaves are cut in one piece which includes the stem.

1 ½” are sold in packs of 3.

2" are sold in packs of 2.

3" are sold individually.

We use 2mm glass for these leaves, except for the 3mm streakies.

If you’d like some leaves cut in other colors, please let us know.

Visit our Tech Tip to see different suggested methods to remove the tabs from your glass!

If you would like to retain definition in your shapes, we recommend firing between 1325-1375 degrees. We know that every kiln is different, so we suggest that you test your kiln for the perfect temperature.


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