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Resin Bond Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs-12"-325-The Glass Underground

Resin Bond Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs

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Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs are super-fast to change and available in a wide selection to suit any grinding and polishing need. These discs have a 1" hole to center on plate. Use in combination with Covington's 12", 18" or 24" Horizontal Beveler/Grinder for optimum performance.

These resin backed discs allow the diamonds to rotate inside the resin allowing a polishing action instead of grinding your glass. Move from a 270 nickel bonded disc to a resin bond 325, then to a 600 disc. If you are planning on slumping or fire polishing, this will give you a beautiful finish. Use the 1200 disc before moving on to pumice and cerium. The 1200 disc will cut the time way down on your pumice step!


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