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Nickel Bond Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs-12"-60-The Glass Underground

Nickel Bond Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs

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Magnetic Backed Diamond Discs are super-fast to change and available in a wide selection to suit any grinding and polishing need. These discs have a 1" or 1/4" hole to center on plate. Use in combination with Covington's 8", 10", 12", 18" or 24" Horizontal Beveler/Grinder for optimum performance. 

Use 60 grit when you need to take off lots of material. 60 grit will chip the edges of your glass, so reserve that last bit of grinding for your 100 and 270 discs for a smoother finish. 

If you have a different hole size than what is listed, please specify in the notes field on the checkout screen. These discs do not qualify for free shipping.


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