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SilkeMat Dry Rigidizer - The Glass Underground

SilkeMat Dry Rigidizer

SilkeMat Rigidizer is non-flammable and formulated for molding SilkeMat into rigid, reusable molds of the highest quality in performance. 

We sell this product dry so you can save money by processing your own! All it takes is some distilled water, a bit of mixing, and two day’s rest. 

For each quart you’d like to make, you will receive a jar containing 5.3 oz. of material. 

Cures at 1450 F

Instructions will be included in your order.

To make a quart of Rigidizer, get a container with a lid that will hold at least 40 oz. You will need a whisk. Place 32 oz of distilled water in the container and slowly sprinkle the powder into the liquid. Stir with the whisk for about a minute. Place the lid back on the container and let sit for 48 hours. After 48 hours, open the container and whisk again vigorously for 60 seconds. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer and discard the remains. 

Before applying, stir your Rigidizer. 

We use a flat brush that comes in these 3 sizes: 3”, 2”, 1”. Lay out your SilkeMat on some kind of plastic mat/container that accommodates the size of your piece. Dip your brush into the Rigidizer and paint onto your SilkeMat piece. The paintbrush will not soak up a lot of Rigidizer, so you're going to be painting in 2-3” swaths. Go over your edges twice to ensure that they are more rigidized, they will last longer this way. Once you have a good coverage on one side, flip it over and start again. 

You will find that there are some lighter spots, just tap on them with your brush to make sure your saturation is even. Once you are finished, you will want to have a non-porous form which has lightly been sprayed with vegetable oil or mold release. You may also take your sheet of saturated SilkeMat and hand shape your own mold. Allow to air dry if the form that you have used will not tolerate 220 degree heat. If it is warm outside, we like to put our forms in the sun! 

We recommend wearing a mask while mixing up the dry mixture. This product is non-flammable and non-hazardous in liquid form. When mixing or applying Rigidizer, we recommend vinyl gloves as Rigidizer can dry your skin out. 


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