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Slide Bar

The Cutter's Mate glass cutting station makes accurate cutting a breeze! Can be set up for right or left handed people.

Use the 35" Slide Bar if you want to cut down full or half sheets of glass. You will need at least one Waffle Grid 6 pack to span the bar and have some working surface, and since the ruler is 24" long, you will need  to add a single waffle panel across the front of your setup to accommodate the ruler. We use 9 waffle panels in our studio for a square work surface.

Use the 23" Slide Bar if you are working with ¼ sheets or smaller. You will need at least 3 Waffle Grid panels for this set up for a minimal amount of working space, with 2 additional single panels across the front to accommodate the ruler.

To be used with Strip Pro and Waffle Grid.


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