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6” Elliptical Box with Lid

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This product is really two molds: a mold that makes the base and a mold that makes the lid. Fill each mold with frit - any mesh, billets, cullet, sheet glass - broken or cut-to-fit, “nipped” rods, or a combination of these. In a second firing, tack fuse other Colour de Verre castings to the lid and base.Great additions are the molds with blossoms, leaves, dragonflies, and butterflies, plus our water jet cuts!

We either use Zyp or our Kiln Wash Sprayer to coat our texture and casting molds. We never use a brush!

Clean your molds with our Mold Cleaning Brush!

The larger mold is approximately 8” x 5” x 2.5” and holds 375 grams. The smaller mold holds 180 grams.

Don't fuss with a brush! You end up with marks and puddling and it'll take AGES to dry. Use this Home Right Kiln Wash Sprayer to spray your kiln wash on your molds. Easy, fast and dries so quickly!


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