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Aralia Leaf Mold

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The design for this Aralia Leaf mold was inspired by nature: The Aralia Japonicas of the American Pacific Northwest. The finished leaves can be left flat and used as small service pieces; slumped individually into a plate or bowls; or grouped to form large, decorative platters and dramatic vessels.

We either use Zyp or our Kiln Wash Sprayer to coat our texture and casting molds. We never use a brush! Use our Spray Shelter to prevent overspray when coating your molds.

Clean your molds with our Mold Cleaning Brush!

10.5" W x 8.5"L

Fill rate: 350-400 grams

Colour de Verre, the manufacturer, put together a thorough tutorial on how to create a realistic leaf bowl using frit!

Click here to see a fusing tutorial

Don't fuss with a brush! You end up with marks and puddling and it'll take AGES to dry. Use our Kiln Wash Sprayer and Spray Shelter to spray your kiln wash on your molds. Easy, fast and dries so quickly!


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