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Tip of the Month: Have a bunch of unwanted projects, here's a way to put them to good use!

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I don't know about all of you, but every once in a while I will fuse a project that just doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to, and there it sits forever on my "let's wait and see what I want to do with it this" shelf.

Looking at my shelf the other day, I was contemplating cutting up one of the projects, when I had an idea; what if I took my mosaic nipper and started chopping into it to make frit balls. Then I started cutting up the next project and the next! After firing, I ended up with a variety of transparent and opaque frit balls that have more depth and complexity than regular frit balls.

To make these frit balls you will need a kiln washed shelf, a pair of mosaic nippers, and whatever projects or cut-offs you have. Projects can be as thick as you can manage to chop them. I used wheeled nippers, straight nippers and a hammer when all else failed. Cut the pieces to be between a 1/4" - 1/2' wide. They can be whatever thickness the pieces are. The thicker the pieces, the bigger the final ball. Place them on the shelf with space around each piece. The bigger and thicker the pieces, the more space you need between each one. 

 Fire using the following schedule:

  1. 500-1500-.20
  2. Full-900-.30
  3. 300-700-0

After the balls come out, soak in CLR for 30 minutes. Clean thoroughly and use!

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  • I love these frit balls, I have a load I’m about to fire but instead of on a kiln shelf I’m trying them on dry plaster of paris.

    Dawn on
  • Hi. I have looked at your firing schedule. I am very much a beginner. Please could you tell me what ‘soak in CLR’ means. Thank you.

    A Cambridge on
  • I’m a total beginner of glass fusing from Switzerland and trying to read and learn. I’ve got some questions:
    - Which degree is the “Full”?
    - What is CLR?

    Serra on

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