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Double Your Dichro!!

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Just like so many times in my glassy life, I discovered this by making a clumsy mistake. I reached too high to get a project from a shelf. I should have gotten a step stool, but que sera! The project fell out of my hand and crashed to the floor. It broke in pieces. 🥺 This piece was Reed Glass tack fused onto 4x4” pieces of dichro. When I bent down to pick it up, I noticed that lots of the reed had separated from the dichro. As I was going through it, I noticed that the separated Reed glass had dichro stuck to the top of the textured ridges.

Then I noticed that the dichro had narrow stripes that were missing the dichro! Hmmm!

Aha! I had the idea to try fusing both of these in different ways to see what would happen. These first 2 images are the Reed glass ‘dichro’ pieces. The first one is fused over color and the second one was fused over dichro with transparent color over it.

This one used the dichro that was stripped of it’s lines of dichro. It was fused over black, with a small piece of transparent dichro and transparent color over it.

Interesting, huh? 

So, just take Reed glass and place it textured side down on top of dichro. Fire.



Let the kiln cool down. Annealing is not necessary. Take them out and pry them apart. You now have two pieces of dichro for the price of one!

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  • What an almost devastating mistake turned into an great idea!!! Bet you could get a similar result with other heavily textured glass…

    Coco Watkin on
  • I am amazed you did not mention using punches to cut silver or copper foil shapes to fire on or between layers of glass! I have made some awesome pieces this way.

    Mary Hood on

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