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Powder on Textured Glass

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Quick Tip

You can fill textured glass with powder to make your own unique sheet glass!

In this example, I used Black Granite Herringbone Ripple Irid (100-HR71) 3mm 100-HR71 sheet glass over 3mm Clear 1101 and Light Aventurine powder 1412.

Sift powder over the glass, filling up the crevices. Then use a piece of stiff cardboard to run over the surface of the glass, exposing the high areas of the Irid. 
Place on top of clear and full fuse!

In this example, Reed Glass 1101-43 was used with 3 different powder colors. The difference here is hairspray must be used on the glass before sifting powders. This is because the channels are shallow and the powder must be tamped down to show up after fusing. This technique is taught in You’ll Love Glass II! 

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