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How To Make Ornaments or Fusing Elements Using Shape Tiles

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Make colorful ornaments or fusing elements for your projects using Bullseye Glass powders and frit. Check out our selection of shaped tiles

There's no limit to the designs you can create using shaped tiles. This tutorial shows you how to pin fiber paper around your shape and fill it with frit to create intricate designs and shapes. 

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  1. Prepare your tile by spraying with Kiln Wash or Zyp.
  2. Cut your fiber paper in 3/8" strips
  3. Place ThinFire on your Kaiser Lee Board. If your Kaiser Lee Board is not smooth, very gently sand the surface of the board with an extra-fine sanding block using a circular motion. Do not brush the dust off. Just leave it after you sand it.
  4. Place your choice of tiles on the ThinFire.
  5. Pin your fiber paper around your tile (See photo below for reference) Use a small piece of fiber paper rolled into a string, and place it in the ornament hole so it can poke out of the frit, if needed.
  6. Sift glass powders directly on the tile. Making sure it reaches halfway up the fiber paper. You can sift a pattern with a small line sifter, or just a solid layer of color. 
  7. Sift a layer of 1401 powder on top.
  8. Then use a frit spoon to fill the rest up with clear frit in fine or medium.
  9. Use the following suggested firing schedule:

Pinned Tile

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