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Quick Tip: Expand your Color Palette with Over and Underlays!

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Bullseye already makes a wide range of colors for glass fusing, but did you know that by layering transparent and opal glass you can exponentially expand your color palette? In this Quick Tip, we're using 3mm Bullseye Sheet Glass.

142 Neo-Lavender Opal

A variety of transparent colors over 142 Neo-Lavender Opal:

You can get some gorgeous purples without spending the money on gold! All colors are enriched and some are changed.

1442 Neo-Lavender Shift Transparent

1442 Neo-Lavender Shift Transparent over both transparent and opal colors below:

1442 bejewels transparent colors! The small top sample shows the 1442 layers over the color shown below.

1442 enriches opals! The center fused sample shows the 1442 layered over the opal color next to it.

This even works with 1442 powder! This is a plate made with squares of 142, 301, 421 & 334 with 1442 Neo-Lavender Shift Transparent Powder sifted on top. The samples sitting on the plate show the colors underneath the powdered layer.

403 Opaline

403 Opaline as an overlay
403 Opaline over transparents are luminous! The camera doesn’t catch it, (at least not mine), but the luminosity is amazing!

403 over Transparents

403 Opaline over opals are beautifully pastel. And check out the unique blue you get by capping black!


Click to expand each image and get a closer look. Then play around with your own color combinations! Enjoy!!


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